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Post-Visit Activities

These shorter post-visit activities will help to wrap-up your trip to ESP.

Post-Visit Activity 1

Post-Visit Activity 2

This lesson can be used in (though not limited to) Social Studies, American History, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, and U.S. Government and Politics.

Post-Visit Activity 1
A set of questions will help test students' memories about their visit to Eastern State. 

Post-Visit Activity 2
After visiting Eastern State Penitentiary, it is time to do some more research and pick a side! When Eastern State Penitentiary first opened in 1829, the Pennsylvania System was brand new, and its founders thought it would be the “cure” to crime. At the same time, the Auburn System was developing. A rivalry developed, and both sides put out pamphlets saying their system was better. Imagine that it is 1860 and you have to support one of these systems. Which will it be? Students will participate in a debate or create a pamphlet for one of the systems. Links, books, and questions are included as a guide for research.

A field trip to Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site is an experience that allows your students to learn history and become engaged in historic inquiry.  Through an interactive tour, students will use Eastern State Penitentiary’s 142-year history as a lens to examine the larger story of American History.

Class tours are tailored to the grade level or college year of your group.  When you are booking your tour, please let us know what your students are currently studying, their education level, and if you have specific interests, such as religious influence, architecture, criminal justice or escapes.  Our school tours are designed to address a variety of academic standards for elementary through high school students.  Although private group tours are available throughout the year at Eastern State Penitentiary, cold weather can make winter and early spring tours a very chilling experience.  We recommend group tours between April 1 and November 30.

Recommended for students 10 years of age and older.  Tours are not recommended for children under the age of seven (7).  Led by a member of our guide staff.  Limited to groups of 15 to 125.  1 hour.

For more information, visit Eastern State Penitentiary’s group tour page.

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