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Annual Appeals

  • Status: Underway   |   Cost: $125,000

    Soup Alley: Gateway to the Dining & Kitchen Complex

    Eleven years after separate confinement ended, prisoners ate together for the first time. Making such a major shift in operations was a tremendous task for Eastern State administrators. They had to develop both additional facilities as well as the protocols that would enable the institution to safely, efficiently, and consistently serve meals to several hundred people simultaneously. The wedge of land between Cellblocks 4 and 5 was the obvious choice for locating dining facilities. It al...

  • Status: Complete   |   Cost: $175,000

    2016: The Hospital Block’s Northern Extension

    Cellblock 3 has captivated visitors since the penitentiary reopened as a museum more than 20 years ago. Opportunities to step past the head gate ornamented with a red cross symbol and explore the full length of the Hospital Block have been rare. The few hardhat tours that Eastern State did offer filled quickly to capacity and affirmed visitors’ high interest in learning more about the healthcare delivered to thousands of inmates. Engineers inspected and condemned the mid-section of the c...

2017 American Aliance of Museums Excellence in Exhibitions Overall Winner