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Purpose Postcards

Purpose Postcards are an opportunity to connect with someone currently incarcerated in Pennsylvania.

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Select a person to write to from the list below. This list has been provided by Let’s Get Free. Learn more about their work at
  • If you want to start a correspondence, consider your capacity. How regularly are you able to write? We think once or twice a month is appropriate.
  • Don’t feel like starting a correspondence? No problem! Decorate your postcard using the art supplies at the table. A personal drawing or note is just as impactful as regular correspondence.
  • Drop your postcard off in the mailbox. Feel free to decorate the mailbox too!
  • Tell the people you came with tonight to write a postcard!

Tips for starting the conversation:

  • Introduce yourself and tell your person what inspired you to write them.
  • Describe your setting: where you are, who you’re with and what you see and hear.
  • Describe what you are reflecting on during your visit to Eastern State and ask the person you are writing to share something they’ve been reflecting on lately.
  • Ask the person you are writing to what their favorite things to do outside are and share some of yours.

People interested in receiving Purpose Postcards:

Celeste C (SCI-Muncy)
Raya R (SCI-Muncy)
Lauren W (SCI-Muncy)
Betty H (SCI-Cambridge Springs)
Kara Y (SCI-Muncy)
John C (SCI-Mahanoy)
Wandalee B (SCI-Cambridge Springs)
Loni K (SCI-Muncy)
Jordan H (SCI-Muncy)
Jean S (SCI-Muncy)
Sharone G (SCI-Cambridge Springs)
Maureen H (SCI-Muncy)
Shane (Lauren) D (SCI-Cambridge Springs)
Don W (SCI-Somerset)
Danny A (SCI-Phoenix)
Rodney D (SCI-Forest)
Eric C (SCI-Somerset)
Unique (Brandon) R (SCI-Somerset)
Joseph H (SCI-Somerset)
Keiff K (SCI-Albion)
Alan M (SCI-Chester)
Kendrick B (SCI-Chester)
Frank D (SCI-Chester)
Mikkel H (SCI-Chester)
Ulysses O (SCI-Chester)
Aaron W (SCI-Chester) 
Alexander S (SCI-Chester)
Clarence S (SCI-Chester)
David G (SCI-Chester)
Donyea P (SCI-Chester)
Ezra B (SCI-Chester)
Joseph K (SCI-Chester)
Joseph S (SCI-Chester)
Justino G (SCI-Chester)
Marvin S (SCI-Chester)
Myke L (SCI-Chester)
Paul M (SCI-Chester)
Quasheam R (SCI-Chester)

2017 American Aliance of Museums Excellence in Exhibitions Overall Winner