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Shop Small: An Eastern State Holiday Gift Guide

Want to support Philadelphia arts and culture this holiday season and pick up some unique gifts for everyone on your list? Look no further! Museum stores are a great place to find that perfect present and make a difference at the same time.

Eastern State Penitentiary's online store is open for business, and we've curated two lists featuring our most popular, highly recommended items to get you started. Shop our daytime merchandise -- perfect for history-buffs, art-lovers, and activists -- or find the perfect gift for the Halloween fan in your life with merchandise from our haunted attraction fundraiser, Terror Behind the Walls.

Daytime Merchandise

Face mask, dog plush, and hoodie

1. Radial Plan Face Mask - Comfortable grey poly-cotton blend face mask featuring Eastern State Penitentiary's iconic radial plan. Includes a pocket for a reusable filter. 

2. Pep Plush - A plush version of one of Eastern State Penitentiary's most famous canine residents.

3. Radial Plan Zip-Up Hoodie - A black zip-up hoodie with the Pennsylvania state seal on the front and Eastern State Penitentiary's iconic radial plan on the back.

Book cover, mug, and shot glass

4. The Crucible of Good Intentions - The preeminent guide to the history of Eastern State Penitentiary, written by Norman Johnston.

5. Reveal Mug - Just add hot water and watch the images of Eastern State appear.

6. Metal Shot Glass - Metal textured shot glass featuring Eastern State Penitentiary's front façade.

Mug, beanie, dog pin, water bottle

7. Al Capone Mug - A black mug featuring Al Capone's mugshot and intake information.

8. Radial Plan Beanie - Black and grey beanie with a pom-pom with the Eastern State logo and radial plan.

9. Enamel Pins - Pick up one or the whole set! Our enamel pins feature iconic images including the penitentiary's radial plan, its iconic façade, and Pep the dog.

10. Façade Sketch Water Bottle - This black metal water bottle features a sketch of Eastern State Penitentiary's façade and will help keep your water cold.

Terror Behind the Walls Merchandise

Knit hat, beanie, flask

1. TBTW Knit Hat - A black and red knit hat featuring the Terror Behind the Walls logo and red "opt-in" X.

2. Terror Time Beanie - Black beanie with a pom-pom that reads Terror Time and features alternating red "opt-in" X's and Frank the Gargoyle.

3. TBTW Flask - A metal flask featuring the Terror Behind the Walls logo. Available in black or silver.

Guard ornament, gargoyle ornament, shot glass

4. TBTW Guard Ornament - A festive holiday version of a zombie guard that occupies the penitentiary during Terror Behind the Walls.

5. Gargoyle Ornament - A festive holiday version of the gargoyle that welcomes visitors to the penitentiary during Terror Behind the Walls.

6. TBTW Metal Shot Glass - Metal textured shot glass featuring characters from Terror Behind the Walls.

Gargoyle plush, hoodie, long sleeve t-shirt, coloring book cover

7. Frank the Gargoyle Plush - A plush version of Frank, one of the gargoyles that welcomes visitors to the penitentiary during Terror Behind the Walls.

8. TBTW Zip-Up Hoodie - A black zip-up hoodie with the Terror Behind the Walls logo on the front and a creepy, purple and white tombstone and ghouls inspired design on the back.

9. Ghoulish Guard Long Sleeve T-Shirt - A black long sleeve t-shirt featuring one of Terror Behind the Wall's zombie guards.

10. TBTW Coloring Book - A staff-designed coloring book containing 12 spooky pages.

Have a joyful and safe holiday season. And happy shopping!

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