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Halloween Nights: REMIXED!

Halloween Nights: REMIXED! takes place on November 11 & 12, the final two nights of our 2022 festival season, and offers a different experience than the 30 nights that came before.

Lights Out! We’re turning off the lights in four of our haunted houses. Medusa’s murky neon jungle (Delirium) will be as vivid and bright as ever, but enter any other haunted house and you’ll be plunged into complete darkness. With the light from just a single glowstick leading the way, you will be left to find your own way through the grounds of a twisted carnival (Big Top Terror), a sleep-paralysis induced fever dream (Nightmares), a machine hungry for new human cogs (Machine Shop), and a lair of ancient, hungry vampires (The Crypt). And yes… you can still opt-in for an even more intense experience.

Sugar Skull Skeleton Crew! As always, enjoy electric dance performances by The Skeleton Crew every 30 minutes in Gargoyle Gardens. During REMIXED!, they’ll be sporting special sugar skull inspired faces, so be sure to get a closer look and snap some selfies.

Holiday Songs in The Speakeasy! The countdown to the winter holidays is on, and the spirits of The Speakeasy will get into the spirit of the season a little early. Live performances by lounge singers in The Speakeasy at Al Capone’s Cell (VIP Ticketholders Only) will feature ghoulish versions of classic holiday songs.

And keep your eyes open... you never know what other REMIXED! fun we'll have in store. Get your tickets now.

Click here to download a PDF of the Halloween Nights: REMIXED! festival map.