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Scout Days

Eastern State Penitentiary is thrilled to invite BSA and GSUSA scouts and all youth to participate in specially-curated — virtual and in-person — learning experiences. Led by our engaging staff, all participants will enjoy interactive discussions and activities. BSA and GSUSA scouts will also satisfy badge requirements.

In-Person Scout Day: Sunday, November 17, 2024

Virtual Scout Day: Saturday, December 14, 2024

Email us at [email protected] if you'd like to receive updates by email including notifications when tickets go on sale for future Scout Days.

Two people in an orange basket lift, wearing hard hats, in front of Eastern State's historic stone wall

Considered the world’s first true penitentiary, Eastern State’s architectural design served as a model for over 300 prisons across the globe. Now a National Historic Landmark and criminal justice museum, Eastern State staff carefully navigate decisions around conservation and preservation while interpreting the past and present of prison reform in the building’s historic cellblocks.

All youth who participate will engage in interactive activities and conversations, learn about Eastern State's history and influence, and receive an introduction to the field of architecture and historic preservation. In addition...

BSA scouts who participate will satisfy all requirements for the Architecture Merit Badge; however, requirements 1a and 4 must be completed independently outside of Scout Day. Instructions are provided below. Members of Eastern State's staff are certified to serve as Architecture Merit Badge counselors through the BSA’s Cradle of Liberty Council.

GSUSA scouts who participate will satisfy all requirements for the STEM Career Exploration Badge. Girl Scouts will also satisfy a portion of the Think Like an Engineer Journey by learning how engineers use design thinking to solve problems and use their skills to change the world. To finish this journey, Girl Scouts must also complete three hands-on design challenges independently. Examples provided below.

Still have questions about in-person or virtual Scout Days? Check out our FAQ below.

In-Person Scout Day: Sunday, November 17, 2024

Virtual Scout Day: Saturday, December 14, 2024

Email us at [email protected] if you'd like to receive updates by email including notifications when tickets/passes go on sale for future Scout Days.

In-Person Scout Day:

Admission is $21 per person. All scouts, youth, and adults in attendance must purchase a ticket. Tickets will go on sale online 6-8 weeks prior to the event. Advance registration is required. 

Email us at [email protected] if you'd like to receive updates by email including notifications when tickets for Scout Day go on sale.

Virtual Scout Day:

Online passes are $17. Each participating scout or youth must purchase a separate online pass. Tickets will go on sale online 6-8 weeks prior to the event. Advance registration is required.

Email us at [email protected] if you'd like to receive updates by email including notifications when online passes for Scout Day go on sale.

Yes! While Scout Days are designed with BSA and GSUSA badge requirements in mind, this program was also designed to be fun, engaging, and educational for all youth. 

All are welcome to attend Scout Day!

Scout Day is recommended for children between the ages of 7-18.

In-Person Scout Day:

You can plan on being at Eastern State Penitentiary for about three hours. Timed entry windows begin at 11:30 am and end at 1:00 pm. The Scout Day program will conclude 4:00 pm, but you are welcome to stay until the penitentiary closes at 5:00 pm.

Virtual Scout Day:

This is a one-day program from 11:00 am to 2:15 pm ET. Learn more about the programming here. The day will be comprised of several sessions lasting 30-60 minutes each. There will be a 30-minute break for lunch midday.

In-Person Scout Day:

When you arrive at Eastern State, you’ll receive a packet of materials that includes questions, reflections, and activities to complete as you move throughout the day.

First, you'll take our self-guided "The Voices of Eastern State" Audio Tour. An mp3 player and headphones will guide you through the penitentiary complex and give an overview of Eastern State's history. 

Next, you'll...

  • listen to three additional audio stops,
  • explore our exhibits The Big Graph and Prisons Today,
  • and engage with staff and volunteers at three different activity stations.
    • Activity Station 1: Prison Architecture Matching Game — This two-part matching game will introduce participants to five different prison designs and encourage them to examine the role architecture plays in our prison system.
    • Activity Station 2: Eastern State Rocks! — Eastern State Penitentiary is famous for its massive stone walls and towering cellblocks. In this hands-on activity, participants will learn about the geology of Eastern State’s most common building materials.
    • Activity Station 3: Eastern State Lego Contest — Eastern State’s radial plan influenced prison architecture around the world. Using a 37-piece Lego kit, participants will compete in a time trial to build a simple Eastern State replica.  

At the end of the day, participating BSA scouts should bring their packet to an Eastern State merit badge counselor who will approve the packet and provide a Blue Card, which scouts can turn in to their troop leader. GSUSA scouts should self-report their completed packet to their troop leader.

Virtual Scout Day:

Below is the tentative schedule for virtual Scout Days. All times listed in ET.

  • 11:00 am – 11:45 am - Let the Doors Be of Iron: A Virtual Tour of Eastern State Penitentiary
  • 11:45 am – 12:15 pm - ”A Model for the World”: The Ethics and Influence of Prison Architecture
  • 12:15 pm – 12:45 pm - Lunch Break
  • 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm - Building a Prison, Saving a Landmark
  • 1:45 pm – 2:15 pm - Architecture and Historic Preservation Career Panel

In-Person Scout Day:

Yes. Each scout, youth, or adult in attendance must purchase a separate ticket.

Virtual Scout Day:

Yes. Each participating scout or youth must purchase a separate online pass.

BSA Scouts:

  • BSA Scouts must complete requirements 1a and 4 on their own to qualify for their Architecture Merit Badge. These requirements can be completed before or after Scout Day at Eastern State. It is the responsibility of the scout to review their building sketch and scale drawing with their troop leader before submitting their blue card for the Architecture Merit Badge. The blue card (which scouts will receive at Eastern State or via email) will have requirements 1a and 4 prefilled for convenience:
    • Requirement 1a: Tour your community and list the different types of buildings you see. Try to identify buildings that can be associated with a specific period of history or style of architecture. Make a sketch of the building you most admire.
    • Requirement 4: Measure a room such as one where you live or where your troop meets. Make an accurately scaled drawing of the room’s floor plan showing walls, doors, closets, windows, and any built-in furniture or cabinets. Neatly label your drawing with the following: your name, the date, what room you drew, and the scale of the drawing. (Drawing scale: 1⁄4 inch = 1 foot)

GSUSA Scouts: 

  • GSUSA scouts can use their confirmation email or completed in-person activity packet to self-report completion of the requirements for the STEM Career Exploration badge to their troop leader. 
  • To finish the Think Like an Engineer Journey, Girl Scouts must complete three hands-on design challenges independently at another time. Examples of appropriate hands-on challenges based on scout level can be found here. It is the responsibility of each Girl Scout to complete and report these activities to their troop leader.

Yes! As long as scouts attend all sessions, and complete any additional requirements listed above, they will receive full credit for completing their respective badge or journey.

All Scout Day tickets or passes are valid for a specific date and time. All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges, including for unused or partially used tickets.

In-Person Scout Day runs rain or shine.

If you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected] for assistance. 

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