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Week 1: The View from Inside

Schedule for Wed. Aug. 21

Original Hidden Lives Illuminated Films

Hidden Lives - Paul M.'s Nostalgia

Paul M.


Watching a movie late at night, the filmmaker is reminded of a childhood memory. He decides to make a phone call.

Hidden Lives - David G.'s Freedom

David G.


The filmmaker reflects on time lost and the consequences of one mistake many years ago.

Hidden Lives - Aaron W.'s Where Did It Go?

Aaron W.

Where Did It Go?

There are many twists and turns on the highway of life, but time waits for no man. “Don’t miss your exit.”

Hidden Lives - Lamar L.'s My Kids

Lamar L.

My Kids

The filmmaker encourages his children to learn from his mistakes and strive to be a leader not a follower.

Hidden Lives - Quasheam R.'s Lymph Notes

Quasheam R.

Lymph Notes

The filmmaker chronicles his journey through illness and incarceration.

Guest Films

Hidden Lives - Freedom / Time

Freedom / Time

Eleven incarcerated artists from Stateville Correctional Center were asked to draw 100 frames of animation using tracing paper and pencil based on their thoughts on freedom and time. These vignettes are the results of their explorations. The presentation of this film by 96 Acres in Chicago helped inspire Hidden Lives Illuminated.

Watch the film here.

Hidden Lives - The Long Term

The Long Term

The Long Term is a hand-drawn animation developed by artists serving long term sentences. The video uses personal narrative and research to describe the scale and impact of long term sentencing policies. The work tells stories about the fear of dying inside, feeling of being programmed by prison and the impact on family life, from the perspective of 12 artists serving life or long term sentences.

This project is part of a larger body of thematic work by artists, writers and members of the Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project around long-term sentencing policies and the other long terms they produce: long-term struggles for freedom, long-term loss in communities, and long-term relationships behind the prison wall.

Watch the film here.

This Evening’s Programs

7:00 – 9:45 pm: Write the Filmmakers

Share your thoughts with the filmmakers! Postcards and pens will be available every night during Hidden Lives Illuminated. Write your note to the artists and drop it in the mailbox provided. We’ll take care of delivering your message.

7:40 pm: Jawn Appetit Podcast Taping

Join local food podcast Jawn Appetit for a live taping with Todd Lewis of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Culinary Arts Training Program and Kurt Evans, a local chef who organizes the End Mass Incarceration Dinner series.

Located at the intersection of Philadelphia and food, the Jawn Appetit podcast is a fun, informative look at the local restaurant scene without the pretentiousness that you might find elsewhere. Each week, they give you their takes on the hottest establishments in Philly and tell you where you can find the best eats in (and around) the City of Brotherly Love. To learn more about Jawn Appetit, visit www.JawnAppetit.com.

These events (as with all events during Hidden Lives Illuminated) are free and open to the public. No reservations required. Appropriate for all ages.

Member Night

7:00 – 9:00 pm: Member Night

On Wednesday evenings, Eastern State members receive special perks. Members should check in at the welcome table inside the Hidden Lives Illuminated Event Hub at OCF Coffee House.