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5 Ways to Support Eastern State

Help us preserve Eastern State and promote our mission to interpret criminal justice reform in America through a diverse slate of programming and initiatives. You can support each of the unique areas of work that fulfill our mission by making a gift to one of the following funds:

Children touring Eastern State

The Fund for Public History and Education
Your gift to this fund helps us engage and educate visitors from around the world, from tourists to school groups. Help visitors learn about the long and complex history of Eastern State and make connections between the past and criminal justice today.



The Fund for Social Justice EngagementPrisons Today exhibit
Add your voice to the conversation about mass incarceration. Help us continue to host important discussions about contemporary corrections through programs like our monthly Searchlight Series.



Artist Installation titled Other Absences by Cindy Stockton Moore

The Fund for Artist Installations
Since 1995, we have commissioned more than 100 site-specific artist installations. Your support for this fund will help us continue using art to shed light on the complexities of criminal justice past and present.



A conservator cleans a bed frame

The Fund for Preservation and Conservation
Preserve the impressive architecture of our National Historic Landmark. Plus, allow us to open more spaces on site to visitors for continued learning.




Pop Up Museum

The Fund for Archives and Collections 
Help protect, grow, and exhibit our collection of historic items including more than 1,000 artifacts and 5,500 photographs.



2017 American Aliance of Museums Excellence in Exhibitions Overall Winner