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Week 4: Restorative Justice

Schedule for September 7

Original Hidden Lives Illuminated Films

Hidden Lives - Jerome L.'s Justice

Jerome L.


Reflecting on dysfunctional communities and growing up in prison, the filmmaker considers what he has learned and how best to lead others from the dark into the light.

Hidden Lives - Donyea P.'s Big Boy Shoes

Donyea P.

Big Boy Shoes

The young filmmaker looks back on his life and forward to a better future for us all. “It’s time to put on those big boy shoes.”

Hidden Lives - Ezra B.'s Phoenix

Ezra B.


After a life behind bars, the filmmaker reflects on the cultivation of wisdom and the strength to overcome. “I am the phoenix.”

Hidden Lives - Joseph S.'s Furever Homes

Joseph S.

Furever Homes

As the filmmaker says, “Sometimes you save the dog. Sometimes the dog saves you.”

Hidden Lives - Michael L.'s We Can If We Want To

Michael L.

We Can If We Want To

The filmmaker looks at the chaos of the world from behind bars and suggests it’s time for change. We can make a better world if we want to.

Guest Films

Hidden Lives - The Edge of Daybreak

The Edge of Daybreak

Edge of Daybreak’s members, James Carrington, Jamal Jaha Nubi, Cornelius Cade, Harry Coleman, and McEvoy Robinson, met in Powhatan Correctional Center in Virginia. They recorded their 1979 album Eyes of Love during a strict five-hour window inside the facility. The record became an improbable soul music sensation.

Watch the film here.

Hidden Lives - Restorative Justice: Why Do We Need It?

Restorative Justice: Why Do We Need It?

The film looks at concrete ways to bring the needs of crime survivors into the process of rehabilitating those who commit crimes in order to create a safer society for everyone. Produced by Brave New Films and narrated by Danielle Sered of Common Justice.

Watch the film here.

This Evening’s Programs

7:00 – 9:45 pm: Write the Filmmakers

Share your thoughts with the filmmakers! Postcards and pens will be available every night during Hidden Lives Illuminated. Write your note to the artists and drop it in the mailbox provided. We’ll take care of delivering your message.

7:00 – 9:45 pm: Hands-on activities

Join us for hands-on activities designed to bring people together and spark reflection on tonight’s films.

These events (as with all events during Hidden Lives Illuminated) are free and open to the public. No reservations required. Appropriate for all ages.