Project Team & Advisors

The Filmmakers

Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution

Filmmakers from the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution at Chester

Riverside Correctional Facility for Women

Filmmakers from Philadelphia’s Riverside Correctional Facility for Women

Erika Tsuchiya-Bergere

Erika Tsuchiya-Bergere Lead Teaching Artist

William Wallace III

William Wallace III Co-Teaching Artist

Project Team

Annie Anderson

Annie Anderson Project Support

Lowell Boston

Lowell Boston Animation Consultant and Guest Teaching Artist

Robyn Buseman

Robyn Buseman Project Coordinator and Community Engagement

Greenhouse Media - Aaron Igler and Matt Suib

Greenhouse Media Animation Technical Support, Screening Projection and Sound

Aaron Igler and Matt Suib

Shawn Hawes

Shawn Hawes Philadelphia Department of Prisons

Sean Kelley

Sean Kelley Project Lead

Christina May

Christina May Storytelling Coach and Script Advisor

Damon McCool

Damon McCool Community Engagement, Program Facilitator

MING Media

MING Media Documentary Filmmakers

Jon Kauffman and El Sawyer

Mandee Quinn

Mandee Quinn PA Department of Corrections

Nicole Rodrigues

Nicole Rodrigues Guest Teaching Artist (Animation)

Stephen Schaffer

Stephen Schaffer Guest Teaching Artist (Screenwriting)

Lauren Zalut

Lauren Zalut Community Engagement

Core Advisors

Louis Massiah

Louis Massiah

Senior Project Advisor

Scribe Video Center

Jesse Krimes

Jesse Krimes Visual Artist, Co-Founder of Right of Return Fellowship

Additional Project Advisors

Penny Balkin Bach

Penny Balkin Bach Association for Public Art

Russell Craig

Russell Craig Visual Artist, Co-Founder of Right of Return Fellowship

John Pace

John Pace Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

Patricia Way

Patricia Way Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program