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Michael L.

We Can If We Want To

About the Film

The filmmaker looks at the chaos of the world from behind bars and suggests it’s time for change. We can make a better world if we want to.

Artist's Statement

Humanity is steadily fading away in all the smart things we say and do. Selfless acts of kindness cost so little to give, yet we struggle to be kind to others anyway. Love is the fountain of joy that carries the potential of hope, healing, forgiveness and transformation to every corner of the earth. There is wonderful possibilities for the future, if we have the audacity to believe. Don’t let yesterday’s mistakes or sorrows take up too much of today or tomorrows. See, clearly the beauty of the roses instead of obsessively focusing on its thorns. Look for opportunity in every situation because even in misfortune there is a precious lesson to be learned. Appreciate and cherish the people in your life. Don’t take them for granted, and you will forever remain in their heart and mind, no matter what happens. Live fully. Live well. Laugh! Compliment! Inspire confidence. Ask questions. Listen and be fully present with others because doing so allows an act of kindness to be paid forward. What you do for you means nothing in the long run. What you do for others means everything. Treat people the way you would like to be treated, with the understanding that no one is perfect. Never stress or sweat over the small stuff. Be glad in your joy. Thank you for watching my film. Please share your thoughts and my animation with family and friends.