History Exhibits

Beyond Capone: Prison Gangs Then and Now

NEW FOR 2015! Al Capone was not the only Eastern State inmate with ties to organized crime. He was just the most famous. A prison gang in the 1920s...

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2014 - 2015


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Artist Installations

Emily Waters: America’s Ten Worst Prisons: The Plate Collection

NEW FOR 2015! Inspired by a real 19th century dessert plate that featured Eastern State Penitentiary, the artist has hand-painted ten porcelain plates...

Ruth Scott Blackson: No Trace Without Resistance

NEW FOR 2015! The artist applies new paint chips, coated in gold leaf, to the flaking walls of an existing cell. In 
the resulting “shimmering...

City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Eric Okdeh: Beyond the Wall

NEW FOR 2015! “Beyond the Wall” is a yearlong City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program project centered on the pertinent issue of mass incarceration...

Jess Perlitz: Chorus

NEW FOR 2015! The artist asked incarcerated men and women from throughout the United States, “If you could sing one song, and have that song heard, what...

Jesse Krimes: Apokaluptein16389067:II

NEW FOR 2015! The piece reflects the artist’s personal experience while incarcerated in federal prison, where he created a 39-panel surreal landscape...