Funders for the Synagogue Restoration

2003 — 2010 Alfred W. Fleisher Memorial Synagogue Restoration

$40,000 and Above
The Suzanne F. and Ralph J. Roberts Foundation
Aileen K. and Brian L. Roberts Foundation

$20,000 and Above
Howard G. and Adele F. Fleisher
The William Portner Family

(Dr. Jay and Grace Portner, Dr. William J. and Kathryn D. Portner, David J. Portner, Barbara C. Portner, Richard P. Morris and Lynell Portner Morris, Drew A. and Nicole S. Morris, Dayna S. Morris, Jeffrey P. and Julia Parish-Morris, Ashley R. Morris and Joshua P. Morris, Emmett Miller and Judy Mesirov, Ken Greenberg, Mr. and Mrs. Ian Greenberg, and Gwen Greenberg)

Douglas Alfred and Diane Bayles Roberts Foundation

$10,000 and Above
Kim and Rob Roberts
Sheldon and Jill Bonovitz
Patricia Kind (in honor of Howard Fleisher)
Leon Sunstein (in memory of Alfred W. Fleisher)
Cindy and Larry Wanerman

$5,000 and Above
Christopher Bonovitz and Kathleen Dunn (in honor of Howard Fleisher and in memory of Robert Fleisher)
Robert H. and Janet S. Fleisher Foundation
Robert and Diane Freedman
The Samuel S. Fels Internship in Community Service
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

$2,500 and Above
Louise and David Altman
Nancy Hellebrand and Casey Blood
Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust
S. Harris & Co.
Harriette S. and Charles L. Tabas Foundation

$1,000 and Above
Gerard H. Banmiller
Peter A. Benoliel
Louis Blumengarten
Howard Braitman
Clifton Foundation
Sara Jane Elk
Joseph and Marie Field Foundation
Christina Kind (in honor of Howard Fleisher)
Jim and Sue Lonergan
The Melstein Family (in memory or Jeanette Wanerman (Fisher) Rubenstein and in memory of Stuart Dixon)
Robert J. and Lawrence S. Reichlin (in memory of Aaron H. Reichlin)
Regis Development Corporation - Gary Reisner
Roberta Baer Schimmel (in honor of William Portner)
Horace Stern
Dr. Susan Swiat

$500 and Above
Alperin Family Philanthropic Fund
Daniel and Marcy Bacine
Borowsky Family Foundation
Jorge M. Danta and Sam Princeton Spector
Richard Fineman
Adele Fleisher (in honor of Cindy Wanerman)
Patricia Freeland and Robert S.V. Platten
Laura A. Linton
Pioneers in Partnership
S. & S. Quality Services
Samuel and Selma Savitz
Adam Sheer (in honor of Cindy Wanerman)
Walt Schwenk (in honor of Dr. Jay Portner)

$251 and Above
Gary Ted and Adele Abramson (in memory of Jeanette Rubenstein)
William G. and Christine Babcock
Jean Bender (in memory of Jeanette Wanerman (Fisher) Rubenstein) Bloomfield & Associates, Inc.
Eric Blumenfeld
Earl and Debra Bowen
Viviana M. and Daniel J. Collins
Frederick (Derick) W. Dreher
A. Nicholas Fleisher and Phoebe M. Fiddler (in honor of Cindy Wanerman)
Catherine H. Goldsmith (in memory of my father William Otto Hoster - Sgt. Guard 1923-1941)
Michael Grothusen
John Milner Architects
Barbara and Charles Kahn, Jr.
Sean Kelley
Dominic Liberi (in honor of Cindy Wanerman)
George and Audrey Marcus (in honor of Cindy Wanerman and in memory of Grace Portner)
Elizabeth McKenty, Ruth McKenty and Emily Ferreira (in memory of William R. McKenty)
Milner + Carr Conservation, LLC
Drew and Nicole Morris (in honor of Cindy Wanerman)
Annette M. Rizzo
Joseph M. Torsella and Carolyn Short (in honor of Laura Linton)

$100 to $250
Alex Cook - Alarmist Security Systems, Inc.
Majid Alsayegh
Robert and Christina Alt (in memory of Grace Portner)
Kimberly S. Amelang
Robert and Diane Bacine
Alan Barton and Cherylann Schieber
Linda and Stanton Bass
Joseph Beller
Arthur L. Berger
Edwin J. and Barbara R. Berkowitz Family Foundation
Brett A. Bertolino
Emily Bittenbender
Paul and Karen Black
Flossie Bluestein and Peter Biberman
Jerome and Christine Bollettieri
Alan and Barbara Boroff
Daniel Brennan and Kris Lavieri
Bill Brookover
Ann and David Brownlee
John A. and Barbara J. Bunting
Dominic Cermele
Julius and Ray Charlestein Foundation
D. Walter Cohen
Nicola A. Cook
Ian Cope
Kevin N. Daley
Robert Davies
Marshal H. Davis
Davis - Trachtenberg, Inc.
Dominic DiGulio
Bennie Dishler
Allan Domb (in memory of Peter Domb)
Meridee Duddleston and Harvey Waxman
Bruce and Linda Dunn
Richard and Happy Fernandez
Joanne Fishman
Joanne Fleisher
Vicki Fleiss
James Freeman
Susan J. Frye
Fund Raising Counsel, Inc. - Lee Daney
Christopher J. Galosi
Vivian and William Gast
Carol Gerstley (in honor of Robert Fleisher)
Howard and Marion Gershman
Thomas and Karen Getzen
Dr. Rosemary Gido (in memory of Stella & Leo Dvorsky, my parents who taught me to value diversity)
Lynda B. Ginsberg
Nolan and Beverly Goldberg (in honor of Howard Fleisher and Suzanne Roberts)
Leonard and Beatrice Goldfine
Betty Goldman
June E. Gorg
Mr. and Mrs. David Gross
Charles G. and Olga Hoster (in memory of my father William Otto Hoster - Sgt. Guard 1923-1941)
The Hughes Family (in memory of Jay Portner)
The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Gary E. Johnson
Norman Johnston, Ph.D.
Lawrence M. Karlin
Penny Katz
Leah and Harvey Krasnow
Sandra and Michael Langner
David Lerman
Adam Levine
Joseph Levine
Robert and Jean Sue Libkind
Nora and Robert Littlefield
Bill Loonstyn
John Loonstyn
Ben and Phyllis Magness
Jeanne Makdisi
Joe Mammana
Timothy Manley
Mitchell R. Mass, P.C. (in honor of Laura Mass)
Lisa Mathewson and Brett Sweitzer
Deborah McCracken
Ruth Ann McKenty
John C. McWilliams
J. Ronald Meier
Minerals Technologies Matching Gift Plan
Diana S. Montgomery and Brett Krasnov
Sanford K. Mozes
Mutual of America
Paul L. Nestor and Kathy Jones-Nestor
Jennifer Novik
Nancy Q. and Dennis V. O'Donnell
Susan O'Neill
Russell Palmer and Stephen Janick
Dee and Joseph Parker
Pat Forcansec - Jersey Shore Audubon Society
Marie H. Pennypacker
The Philadelphia Foundation
Ronald J. Pierce
Victoria Pingarron
Abe Reich
David Riz
Barbard B. Rosenau
Michael and Donna Rosenthal (in honor of Larry and Cindy Wanerman)
Allen W. Rubin
Paul Schimmel (in memory of Dr. Jay Portner)
Irv Schmuckler
Schneider Restorations, Inc.
Norma Shapiro
Judith A. Silver and Donald Fithian Stevens
Jackie Smith
Steven and Bonnie Snyder (in honor of Cindy Wanerman)
Laura Spain
Charles G. Sunstein
Nina Tafel
Jan Tecklin
The Lighting Practice, Inc.
Shel and Karen Thompson
Michael Treacy
Tuff Wrap Installation
Cindy Urbani (in memory of Howard G. Fleisher)
Michael Valucci (in honor of Henry Herskowitz)
Wachs-Weingarten Charitable Trust
Dr. Robert J. Wallner
Cindy and Larry Wanerman (in honor of Avery Gray Morris)
Patricia F. Webster
Matthew Weymar
Irma and Lester Wurtele
Your Part-Time Controller, LLC
Zedukah Fund Har Zion Temple

Up to $99
Peter Atherton and James Thalheimer
Joseph P. and Joan Batory
Kirsten Baumgartner
Ted and Florence Begun
Thomas A. Berault
Guy and Grace Berger - G & G Antiques and Classic Autos
Michelle and David Berk (in honor of Cindy Wanerman)
Lucile F. Bernstein
O.W. Bowman, Jr.
A.D. Boxer, MD
Marcia Z. Brason (Potts)
Christina Calbone
H. R. Clearfield
Cynthia D. Cohen
Miriam and Herb Cohen (in memory of Howard G. Fleisher)
Sidney and Carol Cohen (in honor of Cindy Wanerman)
Community Design Collaborative of AIA Philadelphia
Chad Cooper (in memory of Pop-Pop)
Susan and Peter D. Crawford, Jr.
John and Betty Delanty (in memory of Grace and Jay Portner)
Fran Drucker
(in memory of Howard G. Fleisher)
Andrea Durkin
Eve Ellis
Richard and Gilda Ellis
Ellen and Michael Feist (in honor of Cindy Wanerman)
Eleanor Gesensway
Phillip and Jo Anne Glass
GlaxoSmithKlein Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Beverly Goldberg and Haviland Flickinger
(in memory of Howard G. Fleisher)
Aaron S. Goldblatt and Laura H. Foster
Sandra Gong and Victor S. Sloan, M.D.
Norman and Lesley Greenspan (in memory of Grace Portner)
Joanna K. Griffith Gabel
Richard and Anita Glick (in memory of Grace Portner)
Marcia Groverman
Mary B. and Alvin Gutman Fund
Laura and Neil Haimm
Avonne Hartshorn
Terry and Gene Heller
Fredric E. Hermann
Brendan Hickey
Bill and Lisa Hoffman
R. Brian Holland
Finn Hornum
Colin (Mick) and Nancy Houston
Lorraine and Mark Hutter (in honor of Butch Melstein)
Jewish Congregation at Graterford
Judaic Studies Program/Drexel University
Elyssa Kane (in memory of Grace Portner)
Henry Kaplan
Barbara E. Kates
Ann Keith Kennedy
Bette Jane Kleinbard (in honor of Howard Fleisher)
Donald Kling
Ruth F. Kohn
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Korn
Alan R. Kraus
David P. Landes
Joseph R. Lapenta
Adam E. Laver, Esq. (in honor of Patricia Freeland, Esq.)
Christina Le Ager (in honor of Norman Johnston)
Patricia Levitt (in memory of Grace Portner)
Teresa A. Lignelli
Curtis Lizenbaum
Eugene Lizenbaum
Paul and Sheryl Lukeman
Edward R. and Mary B. Maiden
Manstein Family Foundation
Michael and Ilona Meers
Mr. and Mrs. George Metcalf
Ken and Serry Mirsky (in memory of Grace Portner)
Cathy Molique
Dorothy Gilmore Morgan
Henry Netter, II and Helen Netter (in memory of Howard G. Fleisher)
NRG Energy Group
Pennsylvania Institutional Law Project - Angus Love
Mark E. Perrott
Eve Pinkenson
William A. Pollnow (in memory of Herman E. Pollnow)
Sara Pollock
Edward F. and Mitsuko Pourron (in memory of PHM Phillip Pourron who arrested Willie Sutton)
Norman and Lynne Diane Rednik
Donna Reisman
Bruce and Beth Rosner
Scott Samuels
Michele D. Sbar and John E. Stevens
Kent and Diana Seinfeld (in memory of Grace Portner)
Louise E. Seltzer
J. J. Serritella
Abraham and Elizabeth Shamir
Alanna Sklover
The Solomon Family
Craig R. Snyder
Paul Stone (in memory of Howard G. Fleisher)
Edward and Debra Strauss
Sue Habgood - American Heritage Landmark Tours
Jack Tatum
The Parkway Corporation - Robert Zuritsky
Marianna M. Thomas
Touring Friends
Judith Trustone
Ann and Robert Tuteur and Family (in memory of Grace Portner)
Todd and Michele Vondeak
Cindy and Larry Wanerman (in memory of Howard G. Fleisher)
Kelley Warner
Dan and Nancy Weissman (in memory of Grace Portner)
Mary Jeanne Welsh and David Otwell
Samuel Whyte
Claude M. Williams
Gary W. Willis
Stephen and Judith Wise (in memory of Howard G. Fleisher and in memory of Grace Portner)
Irv and Gerry Young (in memory of Howard G. Fleisher)
Hope Zoss