Let The Doors Be Of Iron

This film is a capsulized drama of the evolution of Eastern State Penitentiary from its conception, in the eighteenth century, to its eventual demise as a correction institution in 1970. Narrated by Ed Asner, the film takes viewers on an historical journey through time; combining live action footage of the prison today, dramatic re-enactments, still photography, and old lithographs. Winner of the CINE Golden Eagle award (1987) and the Philafilm Festival’s Leigh Whipper Award. The documentary was nominated for an Academy Award.

Narrated by Ed Asner
Written by Larry Loebell & Hal Kirn
Directed by Hal Kirn
A Hal Kirn & Associates Production

Running time 23 minutes; DVD, color

$22.45 ($19.95 plus $2.50 S & H)