Newspapers and Articles

The Eastern State staff often relies on newspaper accounts to create programs on site. Searching for newspapers is fun, and is made increasingly easy through online databases. When searching, keep in mind that names are often misspelled and you may want to try several variations. Also, try searching for various keywords, dates, and names of people involved in the case to find the best results. Remember that Eastern State was called by different names throughout its history (e.g. Cherry Hill, Eastern State Penitentiary, Eastern Penitentiary, the penitentiary in Philadelphia, etc.).


  • Access Pennsylvania
    This website includes links to several collections that contain newspapers that can be searched for free.
  • Google News Archives
    For best results, after entering your search, click the “Search Tools” button below the search bar and then change “Any Time” to “Archives.” Please be aware that some articles you find may require a fee to see them, while others are completely free. Although The New York Times is included in this search engine, you can also search The New York Times separately (some articles require a fee).
  • Your Local Library
    Your library may have copies of newspapers that have not been put online, or may be able to obtain copies for you for free. Click the link above to find the library nearest to you. Make sure you let the librarian know what you’re looking for: he or she might have more helpful tips!