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Win tickets for upcoming Jack the Ripper conference!

Posted: October 19, 2011

Drexel University is hosting a Jack the Ripper conference on campus October 28 and 29. It’s a fascinating interdisciplinary conference that appeals to a wider audience than just academics and goes beyond the usual questions of “Who was Jack the Ripper?”, exploring a much broader range of issues, including the social, economic, psychological and philosophical aspects of the famous Ripper murders. For example, what was the social condition of women in 19th century England? How did the media fuel fear about the Ripper? And why are people still fascinated by the case nearly 12 decades later?

We're giving away two tickets to the conference! Enter the trivia contest below.

From 1888-1891, a series of murders in Whitechapel, England made headlines across the globe (several of these murders were attributed to Jack the Ripper). On September 11, 1889 one headline on the front page of the Harrisburg Daily Morning Patriot read “Murder in Whitechapel: The body of another woman found yesterday.”

Which of the following headlines concerning an Eastern State inmate shared that front page?

A. 6 convicts make daring daylight escape from pen
B. Capone’s tonsils removed in prison
C. Mrs. Dilliard arrested: Charged with complicity in the murder of her husband

To enter, leave a comment below and be sure to include your answer choice as well as your email address. From the correct responses, we'll randomly select one winner.

Good luck!