Death Row

Cellblock Fifteen opened in April 1959, replacing Cellblock Thirteen as the maximum security block. Extending from the end of Cellblock Two, Cellblock Fifteen had 17 cells on each of its two floors. This block became known as "Death Row" when men with death sentences were placed here between 1959 and 1961; however, there were never any executions at Eastern. In order to minimize contact between inmates and guards, a row of bars was installed in the center of the corridor creating two distinct hallways. When the prison was closed in 1971, these bars, as well as the cell doors, were removed and sold for scrap metal.

Scroll down to see a picture of Death Row circa 1960. The cells are on the right and the windows are on the left. The row of bars separating the corridor into two distinct hallways can also be seen.

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