Chaplain's Office

Sometime between 1872 and 1885 these rooms were constructed in the outdoor area between Cellblocks 9 and 1. Upon their completion, the Warden’s Office was moved from the Administration Building to this area. Amid security concerns, the Warden’s Office was relocated to the Administration Building in 1923 – 24. Subsequently, some of the rooms were used to house the offices of the Catholic Chaplain. Here you can see pictures which were painted on the walls by an anonymous inmate in the 1950s. The paintings depict traditional Catholic themes with prison details.

The Penitentiary's archives contains pictures of each painting, likely taken soon after their completion. Although these photographs are black and white, they show the tremendous details in the paintings and will be an invaluable resource in the restoration of this space. Scroll down to see one of these photos.

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