Online 360 Tour

An extensive tour of Eastern State Penitentiary using QuickTime VR technology. Each view allows a 360 degree perspective, so the viewer can "turn around." Historic photos accompany each view, illustrating how the penitentiary has changed over its 170 year history, and a narrative text presents interesting insights into each location. Twenty stops in total.

Floor plan of the penitentiary with all 20 stops.


  1. Facade
  2. Front Tower
  3. Administration Building Office
  4. Synagogue
  5. Cellblock 7
  6. Cellblock 12
  7. Al Capone's Cell
  8. Chaplain's Office
  9. Rotunda
  10. Central Guard Tower
  11. Chapel
  12. Kitchen
  13. Dining Hall
  14. Cellblock 4
  15. Exercise Yard
  16. Baseball Diamond
  17. Hospital
  18. Outside the Operating Room
  19. Death Row
  20. Outside the Cellblocks

Online 360 tour provided by futureHistory.

Google's Virtual Tour

Google also offers a virtual tour of Eastern State Penitentiary, available here. Seven stops in total.